Set of 12 Stylish Costume Party Fake Moustache Mustache Evening

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100% Brand New &High Quality
Set of 12 Stylish Costume Party Fake Mustache Moustache
Self adhesive - simply choose which one you want to use, peel off the
back and stick it on
Great for any sort of fancy dress party
6 different styles: The Smarty / The Rogue / The Scoundrel / The
Casanova / The Partyboy / The Bandit

Material: Plush
Size: Length: 28.4cm, width: 22cm
Product weight: 25.4g
Usage: Each mustache behind each double-sided adhesive, tear-sided
adhesive behind the White directly attached to the face

1. modeling realistic, easy to use.
2. exhausted kept clean, it can be reused.
3. The total of six models, both attached to the back of each card on
the color.

Package includes:
Fake Moustaches * 12

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