Luxury Aluminum Metal Bumper Frame+Mirror Cover Case For Sony Xperia Z5 / Z5 Premium

available in GOLD color.
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* Design to perfect suitable for Sony Xperia M4/M4 Aqua,Z3,Z5
* Dual color matching design, always distinguished your smart phone.
* Aluminum metal frame with circular arc design, protect the frame of your phone from accidental drops and bumps.
* Push-pull Acrylic PC back cover design, easy to lock, without any screws, added for you more convenience.
* With mirror function on the back, fashionable and convenient, let you tidy yourself up at anywhere.
* A small amount of sponge added inside the metal frame, protect the edge of your phone from scratches.
* Ultra-thin, light weight, adds no bulks to your smart phone.
* Precision hole design, reserved for switch button, volume buttons and various functional sockets, no need to remove the frame while using your phone.
* A small view window design on the back, is to show your phone's logo, make it more special.
* Easy to insert and remove.